Oh look, a Rapha jersey for £125,000

New old stock Rapha/Paul Smith collaboration 104,066% more expensive than original price

Got £10,000 kicking about?

We originally posted a story on this ludicrously priced special edition Rapha/Paul Smith jersey way back in August 2017 when it was priced at ‘just’ £10,000.


Well, things have taken a turn for the silly, and a casual eBay searching session has revealed that the seller has increased the price of the jersey to £125,000! (approx €139,700 / $159,275 / AU$229,770).

The updated price of the jersey has left us totally flummoxed — even the most dedicated Rapha-philes will baulk at the price and it’s not even as if it was ridden to some legendary victory on the back of a much-loved rider. The damn thing was only £120 to begin with!

Our best guess is that listing it at this price is a clever marketing ploy to direct people to 19joe80’s other listings. We were certainly intrigued enough to have a look.

Our original story from August 2017 continues below

Have you got a spare £10,000 (approx $12,900 / €10,800 / AU$16,220 ) kicking about? Are you a keen cycling nerd with a penchant for Rapha swag? If so, this limited edition, new old stock Rapha/Paul Smith collaboration jersey that is currently for sale on eBay may be well up your street.

Originally priced at £120 and limited to 200 pieces worldwide, this jersey was produced to mark the Grand Départ from London back in 2007.

This particular jersey — described without a hint of irony as the “mother of all jerseys” — is said to have been stored in a sealed bag and kept in the dark since it was bought over 10 years ago, so is naturally in perfect condition.

The sale clearly isn’t going well, but with 75 watchers eyeing up the jersey, it can surely only be a matter of time until it sells… Surely? At least the postage is free.

It's been kept in the dark. Except for when it was photographed in the light
It’s been kept in the dark. Except for when it was photographed in the light

A cursory Google search reveals that this story was actually originally reported on by Cycling Weekly way back in March, though we only spotted the listing during a particularly furious eBay session the other day.