Mountain Biking UK takes on the Megavalanche

From elbows-out action to POV crash carnage..

It’s a race that tops the bucket list for many riders out there, but just what is it like to compete in the Megavalanche? Mountain Biking UK’s Alex Evans and Ed Thomsett took on this year’s event and share their experiences in the clip below.


For those who aren’t aware, the Megavalanche is a mass start mountain bike race that sees 2,000 riders traverse some of the most challenging, varied and downright savage terrain at Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps.

Alex Evans, a Megavalanche virgin, turned to experienced Megavalancher Ed Thomsett as a partner for this year’s event. Having both qualified for the main race, both lads go on to experience a race they’ll never forget.


From geeky bike chat to elbows-out racing and POV crash carnage, there’s something for every Mega appreciator.

The Megavalanche – Veteran vs Virgin