Move over Facebook, Strava adds athlete posts

Post stories, photos, workouts and more in coming functionality

In addition to adding rides, photos and comments, Strava users will soon be able to post content on the social fitness media site much like Facebook. The so-called athlete posts kick off today from 36 people and include stories, photos, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations and workouts. Later this summer the feature will be open to all Strava users.


“Our opportunity is to help athletes have conversations beyond their daily activities, sharing everything from favorite gear, to injury recovery tips, to travel recommendations,” Strava chief product officer Aaron Forth said in a press release. 

Earlier this year Strava added verified clubs — including BikeRadar — which can post similarly, with photos and short pieces of text.

For now, athlete posts are only open to 36 users, but the functionality will be available for all Strava users later this summer
Courtesy Strava

Strava does not disclose how many users it has, but it does claim that 16 activities are uploaded every second, adding up to 10 million every week.


Some 1.3 billion kudos were given last year. (Kudos are like Facebook Likes, where followers click an icon on a post and the clicks tally up for the poster to see.)