MRP G3 chainguide – Eurobike 2012

Complete with G-Slider mud clearance technology

MRP have long been at the forefront of chain management and chainring protection. At Eurobike they showed us their latest G3 guide, which builds on the already impressive G2 design and comes feature packed and ready for action.

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You may need to look twice to spot it but, yes, that bottom guide is now fully integrated with the skid plate. By unifying these two parts, MRP claim the lower construction is stronger than ever and far less susceptible to breakage. The smooth lines and shaping avoid any awkward angles or jutting corners, and should therefore glance off obstacles rather than snag them.

Elsewhere, the new Swingset design makes crank removal far easier in time-sensitive racing situations. If you remove a single, central 4mm bolt on the lower assembly, the lower guide and skid plate can then swing out via a forward position pivot to allow easier access to the crank and chainring. The top guide can then also be pivoted.

The lower pulley or roller on a chainguide can really suffer in muddy conditions, and often clog up, so MRP have included the G-Slide with every G3 guide. The G-Slide is a small orange slider block that sits where the sealed bearing pulley would, offering low resistance, the same chain tension and minimal noise without compromised chain security.

A small but important part of the new mrp setup, the g-slide is a compact slider block that can sit in place of the sealed bearing pulley to help deal with really claggy conditions and keep the chain rolling:
Robin Weaver/Future Publishing

The G-Slide – small but important

Switching between the G-Slide and bearing pulley is simple, and it’s great to see companies considering riders’ needs more.

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The G3 will be available in white or black. It will fit ISCG and ISCG 05, and there are BB versions available too. Back plates are made in both alloy and carbon, and there are two size variants of the guide to choose from, the Mini (32-36t) and Mega (36-40t).