MRP launches Ribbon suspension fork

New enduro fork plus oval rings and air cartridge upgrades for RockShox forks

Suspension and chainguide specialist MRP is releasing a new suspension fork loaded with features that should make suspension tuners happy. The Colorado company also has an air cartridge upgrade for RockShox forks and Oval chainrings in development.


MRP Ribbon details

  • 110x15mm axle spacing
  • 35mm stanchions
  • Offered in 29/27.5+ and 27.5 versions
  • 4.1lb / 1.86kg
  • Pricing is US$989 (UK and Aussie pricing TBC)
  • Available in late 2016

Backwards, but not

The MRP Ribbon
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

No, you’re not looking at the back of the fork. MRP just reversed the orientation of the arch. “Outcast” is the official name of the arch design.

“Some of our riders in the UK asked if there was a way we could keep mud from collecting in the back of the arch, so we reversed it,” said Noah Sears, MRP’s product and marketing manager.

In addition to the unique design, the Ribbon features a range of tech that should suit riders who enjoy the art of fine-tuning their suspension.

Rather than using a cartridge damper, MRP opted to use an internal floating piston. The Ribbon offers external rebound and compression adjustments with an eight-click range.

The MRP Ribbon is loaded with user-adjustable features
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

On the air spring side of the fork, MRP decided to use separately filled positive and negative air chambers. The company followed this route to give riders more control over the feel of the fork.

Another nod toward rider control is the use of a Ramp Control. Instead of relying on volume spacers to adjust the spring rate, like Fox and RockShox, the MRP Ribbon relies on a valve system that uses changes in diameter to make the fork more or less progressive.

If you’ve ever felt your fork pack up after a long day in the bike park, or after a significant increase in elevation, the culprit is often a build-up of air trapped in the chassis. The remedy is to relieve the pressure by slipping a ziptie under the dust wipers to equalize the pressure. To make things easier — and prevent seal damage — MRP incorporated a pair of pressure relief valves on the back of the fork legs.

“I couldn’t come up with a clever acronym, so we’re calling it ‘PSST’,” said Sears.

PSST sounds about right to us.

The PSST valves allow the rider to relieve air build up in the fork legs
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The Ribbon is designed for enduro racing and aggressive trail riding. It will be offered in a 120–150mm version for 29ers / 27.5+ bikes. The 27.5in version will range in travel from 140-170mm. Both versions are internally adjustable within their travel ranges in 5mm increments. The claimed weight for the 27.5in version is 4.1lb / 1,860g.

The Ribbon will come stock with a 15mm QR thru-axle, riders can shave off an additional 32g by switching to MRP’s bolt-on axle.

The Ribbon will retail for US$989 when it becomes available later this year.

Ramp control for RockShox

MRP’s Ramp Control system is compatible with the RockShox Pike, Yari, Lyrik and Boxxer
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

MRP has developed an aftermarket version of the Ramp Control system used in the Ribbon.

MRP’s Ramp Control cartridges are designed to fit RockShox forks with 35mm stanchions. This upgrade threads into the air spring on Pike, Yari, Lyrik and Boxxer forks and allows the user to dial in the amount of progression in the fork without resorting to adding or subtracting RockShox’s bottomless tokens.

The system offers user-tunable progression without resorting to Bottomless Tokens
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The claimed weight for the Ramp Control cartridge is 55g. According to MRP, if you’re running three or more bottomless tokens in a RockShox fork you’re better off swapping those for the Ramp Control cartridge, which is externally adjustable and lighter than a pair of tokens.

The MRP Ramp Control system installed in a RockShox Pike
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The Ramp Control is available now and retails for US$150 (UK and and Australian pricing TBC.)

The air valve is under the MRP cap. The gold ring offers 18 clicks of spring rate adjustment
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Ovalized Wave Rings

MRP’s Wave Ring will soon be available in oval versions
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Rather than using narrow-wide rings like most companies, the Wave Ring uses an alternating tooth offset that “swings” left and right to retain the chain while also allowing mud and debris room to escape.

MRP has an Oval version of the Wave Ring in development. There will be 30-34t versions for SRAM’s direct mount, the Race Face Cinch system and the 104 BCD cranksets. MRP expects to have them ready in early 2017. Pricing is set at US$49.95-79.95. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)


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