MRP Ramp Control Cartridge now available for Fox 34 forks

On the trail bottom-out tuning

MRP has introduced a new version of its Ramp Control Cartridge for Fox 34 forks. 

MRP’s Ramp Control Cartridge is now available for Fox 34 forks

MRP Fox 34 Ramp Control Cartridge specs

  • Maximum high-speed ending-stroke effect roughly equal to 4.5 standard Fox volume spacers.
  • Compatible with Fox 34 series forks with FIT4 and Grip dampers
  • Not compatible with Fox 34 TALAS forks
  • Available now

Adding volume spacers to the air cartridge of your suspension fork decreases the amount of air space, therefore increasing the amount of force it takes to reach full travel. In short, adding little plastic spacers increases the fork’s bottom out resistance, AKA: progressiveness. 

MRP’s Ramp Control Cartridge lessens the affect of the volume change on the initial and mid part of the fork’s stroke, meaning the suspension will feel supple until ramping up drastically at the end of the travel.

Adding MRP’s cartridge has less effect on initial and mid stroke than volume spacers

Easy adjustments

Another benefit is being able to tune this progression on the trail. It’s an external adjustment whereas adding or removing volume spacers requires tools. Riders who take on vastly different terrain frequently can adjust their forks to whatever the trail has in store quickly and easily. Sounds perfect for multi-stage enduro races. 


Pricing is $140. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)