Muc-Off C4 wax and X-3 Dirty Chain Machine – Eurobike 2013

Plus Carbon Gripper, Bio Grease and body wash details

Bike-cleaning favourites Muc-Off are continuing their product development for 2014, and BikeRadar had an exclusive peek at two of their new chain products at Eurobike 2013.


A new ceramic boosted wax, called C4, is in the late stages of testing. Once the wax is warmed you bathe a clean chain in it – a properly cleaned and lubricated chain can provide significant performance benefits for racers, as well as enhanced chain longevity.

The prototype wax is currently being tested over long distances in a purpose-built rig. Muc-Off’s lab team are claiming a potential 8-watt increase thanks to the new formula.

Also at the final prototype stage is the X-3 Dirty Chain Machine. Aimed at road, urban and mountain riders, the new design is centred around degreasing your chain without clogging up the device itself.

From customer feedback, Muc-Off recognise that their old chain cleaner could suffer from clogging, a problem the new model tackles with a longer, reshaped chamber and changes to the main cleaning wheel. It has sets of brushes that run perpendicular to each other to scrub the top, bottom and sides of each linkage, lifting debris off and pushing it out the exit chute.

Packaging is ready for the prototype c4 wax, and the exact formula is due to be finalised, subject to testing:
Josse Vander Bilson/Future Publishing

Packaging is ready for the new C4 wax

Pricing and availability dates on the C4 wax and X-3 Dirty Chain device are to be announced.

Carbon Gripper, Bio Grease and body wash available soon

Another set of new products from Muc-Off is due to be available within weeks. The Carbon Gripper assembly compound is designed to help seatposts, stems, bars and other carbon parts grip reliably. A 75ml tube will cost £10/€15.

A new Bio Grease is set to keep your moving parts moving and the water out, without hurting the planet. A 150g tube is priced at £12/€13. And the latest addition to the Muc-Off Rider Care range is an antibacterial body wash, PH neutral and blended with vitamins C and E. A 200ml tube will cost £5/€10.

Other new products currently in development but with no projected availability include a wet lube aerosol, tyre sealant and folding mechanic’s table with an aluminium worktop. 


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