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Muc-Off bike wash goes plastic-free with pink Punk Powder

Soapy specialist cooks up new powder to save on plastic waste

Muc-Off's Breaking Bad spoof

Bike wash specialist Muc-Off has announced its intention to reduce plastic usage by offering its signature product in powder form, ready to mix at the point of use.


Calling its newest offering Punk Powder – because nothing says counter-culture like a sparkling clean bicycle – Muc-Off estimates the move will save 61 tonnes of plastic per year.

The brand has launched Punk Powder via the medium of a Breaking Bad spoof starring Ben Deakin and Grant ‘Chopper’ Fielder, which is available to watch on YouTube.

Pink powder on a wooden crate
Punk Powder is a pink powder.

Punk Powder’s packaging is said to be 100 per cent plastic (and petroleum) free, and made from more than 50 per cent renewable raw materials, with vegetable-based inks for additional green cred.

The powder itself is designed to be biodegradable, with ingredients that are 75 per cent plant-based. Muc-Off CEO Alex Timnell says it was designed over three years with the objective that “it had to be just as good as our other bike cleaners, but in a more environmentally focussed and convenient format”.

Pouring pink powder into bottle using cardboard funnel
Punk Powder comes in compostable sachets and the cardboard outer packaging can double as a funnel.

Punk Powder comes in compostable sachets that ship in recycled cardboard. Each contains 30g of powder, which is enough to make one litre of cleaner.

Punk Powder is available to buy now direct from Muc-Off at £14.99 for two 30g sachets, or there’s the option of a £29.99 Bottle For Life bundle, which includes an “ultra long-lasting” aluminium bottle.

Muc-Off Bottle For Life bundle
The Bottle For Life is made from aluminium.

For the time being, Muc-Off says it will continue to offer pre-mixed bike wash, so riders will have the choice when it comes to washing their bikes.

At BikeRadar we unbox a lot of gear and there’s no question that the bike industry has a pretty poor record when it comes to packaging – it’s shocking how much excess plastic goes straight in the bin, particularly when cycling is supposed to be a ‘green’ activity.


While a more environmentally-friendly bike cleaner isn’t going to save the world on its own, we can only applaud any effort to reduce needless consumption.