Murder of Couriers: documentary on Vancouver’s bike messengers – video

Bikes, drugs and partying de rigueur for cycling delivery boys

Vancouver’s bike couriers battle drug addictions, alcoholism and have tendency to nihilism. And they swear loads.


That’s the picture painted by a new documentary, Murder of Couriers, released online today which followed a group the Canadian city’s hardcore couriers for three years.

Watch a trailer here but be ready for some pretty ripe language:

Murder of couriers trailer

Video: Murder Of Couriers trailer

Some of the subjects have turned abject anger and apathy into a career, though their parents wouldn’t be quite so impressed if they saw the risks they take daily.

“It’s so much fun. You ride your bike, you get paid for it … there isn’t a better job,” says one of the interviewees.

Another says: “You how they say most people are two paychecks away from living on the street or whatever … a lot of people are two hard weekends away from being a ****ing junkie.”  

If the promo’s anything to go by it should be a fascinating insight into what makes some of Vancouver’s couriers tick, however irregularly.

The film is directed by Tom Macleod and Neill Brill and released by Awkward Moment Productions.


The documentary is available to rent or buy on Vimeo.