MX meets MTB with the Schwalbe Eddy Current e-MTB tyre

Motorcross inspired tyre for the gnarliest e-MTB riders

Schwalbe’s latest rubber is designed to deal with uncompromised riding, whether that be up or down the hill, and is destined for an e-MTB near you soon.


I spoke to the Schwalbe team about the tyre and it revealed that the design was heavily influenced by the world of motorcross, where traction on soft dirt requires the chunkiest of tyres.

The rear Eddy Current has extra wide supported shoulder treads
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The tread is as blocky as they come, with both the front and rear specific tyres having broad, widely spaced blocked treads.

Schwalbe says that the treads are around 20 percent bigger than on a standard tyre. 

Sipes along the tread of the front tyre are there to aid cornering
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The front has slightly longer central treads than the rear, with pairs of off-set blocks on the shoulder to give a smoother transition when rolling the tyres onto that shoulder tread.

The slightly more inboard pair of blocks on this shoulder have an extra sipe to give security as it is rolled over, while the longer central treads should give a little extra rolling speed.

The blocky tread should provide chunks of traction
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The rear has a much squarer tread, with the shoulders having slightly bigger gaps between pairs of tread. The blocky-ness of the tread should offer bucket-loads of traction on loose surfaces.

Much like Canyon, Schwalbe seems to believe that the future for aggressive e-MTBs could be with a plus rear and 29in front wheel. The Eddy Current is offered in 2.4in and 2.6in 29er options, with just a 2.8in 650b version.

The Eddy Current will probably make it on to the latest generation of aggressive e-MTBs pretty soon
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

At the back there will be a 2.8in 650b tyre and a 2.6in 29er tyre, which suggests that Schwalbe believes there’s a reason to have a wider, chunky tyre out back with a potentially more precise narrower tyre at the front.

Currently, Schwalbe is only listing two options for the rear and three for the front, based on width. They all have the downhill-originated Super Gravity casing with Snakeskin sidewall protection and Addix Soft compounds.

Basically, it’s a really, really tough tyre for e-MTBs
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The tyres all have a load rating of 115kg and weigh between 1,250g and 1,415g. We’ve no word on availability or pricing yet.