Never flat again with the Nexo and Ever Tire

Solid and hollow flat-free tires double project goal on Kickstarter

Few things will ruin a ride or commute faster than a flat tire, but the crew at Canyon Crawler thinks it’s got the solution.


Now live on Kickstarter, the US-based start up has two tires that they say are flat-free and eco-friendly: the Nexo and Ever Tires

Started by three bike shop owners in Utah, where Goat Head stickers are as common as slot canyons, Fry Sauce and Green Jello, they designed the Nexo and Ever Tires in an effort to put an end to flats and reduce the number of tubes and tires that are discarded each year

Nexo Tire

The Nexo Tire is described as a solid, flat-proof tire

Every couple of years we see the solid tire re-imagined and the Nexo tire seems to be the next step in this evolution.

Made from Nexell, a polymer composite developed by Otrajet (a company that’s specialized in the development of polymer foam by introducing foam injection molding technology into the bicycle manufacturing process), Canyon Crawler says that Nexell will offer superior stability, wearability, weather-resistance, comfort, efficiency and good traction.

The interior of the Nexell material is said to have about half nitrogen gas (N2), which reduces the weight of the tires by 40 percent — the Nexo Tire is claimed to weigh 710g and have a rider weight limit of 220lbs / 100kg. Canyon Crawler also says its tires take only 30 minutes to produce and are eco-friendly and easier to recycle.

As there’s no tube the Nexo Tire doesn’t need to be pumped, and it’s claimed to last more than 3,000 miles.

The Nexo Tire’s T-Bolt mounting system isn’t all that different from the Tannus tire

The patented T-Bolt mounting system utilizes the tire bead found on most standard rims, which is said to ensure that the tire stays centered in the rim and prevents it from twisting out. That said, the clip-based mounting system isn’t all that different from the Tannus Tire, another solid, flat-free tire.

While flat-free riding is pretty enticing, like all pneumatic tires the team acknowledges that its tires incur a 10 to 15 percent increase in rolling resistance.

The Nexo is available in sizes ranging form 20×1 ⅜ to 700x35c and is available for $75 — although at launch the tires will only be shipping within the US.

Ever Tires

The Ever Tires can only be purchased as a complete wheelset

By far the most interesting looking flat-proof tire we’ve seen so far, the Ever Tire utilizes a hollow structure that’s said to improve ride quality.

Canyon Crawler is much more tight lipped about what the Ever Tire is made from, but it says the tires have been in development for six years to find the best possible combination of materials. The team is so sure of that fact that Ever Tires are guaranteed to last 5,000 miles.

Targeted at the casual and commuter rider, Ever Tires are only available as complete wheelsets with the tires attached to the rim using a special machine during production — which is said to prevent the tires coming off the rim.

The Ever Tires are available on aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes in sizes ranging from 12-inch to 700c, and hub options for up to 8-speed, coaster, disc and cantilever brakes — depending on wheel size.

Pricing ranges from $76 to $105 depending on wheel size and at launch the Ever Tire will only be available in the US.


At the time of writing the Nexo and Ever Tires have more than doubled the crowdfunding goal. To learn more check out Kickstarter