New anti-creak BB options from Enduro and Wheels Manufacturing

Once again, the solution to press-fit problems is threads

How ironic it is that the best solution thus far to persistent creaking in press-fit bottom bracket shells is – drum roll, please – threads! Specifically, sandwiching press-fit shells in between two precision-machined aluminum cups that thread tightly into each other has proven to be quite effective, and both Enduro and Wheels Manufacturing have now released more sizes and fitments to help keep more rides blissfully silent.


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As the name suggests, Enduro’s new TorqTite PF30 Wide is designed to adapt long-spindle 30mm cranksets (such as BB386EVO, Rotor’s UBB, and some newer SRAM models) into frames that use a narrower PF30 or Specialized OSBB shell.  

Enduro’s latest torqtite anti-creak bottom bracket adapts wide-format 30mm crankset spindles into narrow-profile pf30 shells:

Enduro’s new TorqTite PF30 Wide bottom bracket adapts wide-format 30mm cranksets into PF30 shells, firmly mounting the bearings and pushing them far outboard

Enduro will offer the PF30 Wide bottom bracket in black or red anodized finishes, both with angular contact bearings exclusively. The stainless steel version will cost US$199 / £128 / €180 / AU$272 while the ultra-durable (and very smooth running) XD-15 edition will cost US$289.

Meanwhile, Wheels Manufacturing has recently added three new threaded press-fit models to help you keep your sanity: the BB86/92 Threaded, the BSA30mm, and the BBright Outboard, all with Enduro-made bearings.

Wheels manufacturing has added three new threaded bottom brackets for press-fit frames, all of which promise creak-free running:

Wheels Manufacturing also has its own range of thread-together bottom brackets for press-fit frames, now in a wider collection of fitments

The BB86/92 Threaded is intended for standard 24mm or 24/22mm-diameter crankset spindles (such as Shimano, FSA MegaExo, and SRAM GXP) and uses either ABEC 5 angular contact bearings for US$99 or ZERO hybrid ceramic cartridges for US$175.

The BSA30mm will only be offered in stainless steel ABEC 5 angular contact cartridges but it’s still one of our favorites as it will allow riders with conventional English threaded frames to use 30mm-diameter cranksets (provided the spindle is at least 115mm long). Retail price is a very reasonable US$75.

Finally, there’s the BBright Outboard for Cervélo owners who haven’t yet managed to keep their machines quiet. All of these are intended for 24mm or 24/22mm-diameter crankset spindles only but Wheels will offer this fitment in three bearing versions. Bottom brackets with ABEC 3 radial cartridges will cost USUS$74; stainless steel angular contact bearings will cost US$99; and ZERO hybrid ceramics will kick things up to US$175.

Additional international pricing is to be confirmed.


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