New .bike internet suffix launched

New option for bike companies considering .com or .cc

The .cc internet address suffix favoured by businesses such as Rapha and cycling clubs has a new rival: .bike has arrived.


Thanks to an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) development, the .bike suffix – known as a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) name – has been created to help web users find relevant content more quickly. Established companies have already been invited to take an address, and it will be opened up to start-ups and the public from January.

Cycle brands and websites have often opted for the country code TLD of the Cocos Islands, which had, in 2011 a population of 596, according to the US intelligence agency, the CIA. The main cash crop of the Australian territory halfway between Sri Lanka and Australia is coconuts.

Similarly the .cx country code – for Christmas Island – has been commandeered, by some – you guessed it – cyclocross brands.


Upmarket cycling apparel brand Rapha claimed to be the first to spot and adopt the .cc suffix in 2004 when the business was set up. The .cc suffixed appealed to the founder, Simon Mottram, for its connotations and links to cycling clubs and culture a source told BikeRadar