New bike storage looks like alien egg pods

Alpen bike capsule designed to protect bikes

I look at bike stuff all day, every day so it should have come as no surprise that Google popped an ad for a bike storage container on my screen. And what a storage container it is: Alpen’s bike capsule is claimed to be a secure, waterproof custom home for your bike. Check it out.

The capsule is said to work with nearly all bikes and be weather resistant and lockable

Alpen bike capsule sizing

  • Length 79″ (2,017mm) x height 53″ (1,334mm) x width 32″ (818mm)
  • Capsule weight: approximately 130lbs (59kg)
  • Max bike handlebar clearance: 584mm straight / 813mm turned / 914mm with front wheel removed
  • Max bike length: 75″ (1,905mm)
  • Max saddle height: 46″ (1,168mm)
Alpen bike capsules claim to be the future of bike storage

What bikes fit?

According to Alpen, almost any style of bike can be housed inside the capsule.

However, looking at the images, mountain bikes with wide handlebars appear to be a concern. The solution is turning the front wheel so the bars are at an angle inside the pod. In this formation, Alpen states bars up to a mega-wide 813mm can fit.

Alpen claims there’s enough extra room that bike accessories can be stored inside as well. 

Locking and durable

Oh no, the aliens have infested the parking garage

For security and all-weather strength, the capsule is made from UV-resistant polyethylene and has an integrated lock. Alpen notes that the sliding door rotates on ball bearings. The complete unit is claimed to be 100% rust proof and can be bolted to the ground for extra security.


Alpen pricing and ordering

Alpen is taking $200 deposits for pre-orders on the $899 bike capsule. Estimated delivery is September 2018. For more information, check out Alpen’s site.