New body armour from Mace

Protection for arms, legs and body

The Canadian rider-owned company, Mace, has just released a new line of body armour which includes a jacket, leg and arm protectors.


MACE T-11 Arm Armour – SSP £29.95

Mace’s T-11 arm protectors have speed clips, making for rapid strap adjustment and ease of whipping on and off. The armour uses Mace CAD modelled injection components, with the forearm protection being length specific to each size for maximum effectiveness, while elastic webbing keeps it all in place.

MACE T-11 Leg Armour – SSP £49.95

The T-II leg protectors utilise the same speed clips as T-11 Arm Armour and feature a large wraparound knee cup with a direct webbing interface. The shin plate is length specific to each size for maximum protection. There’s also a Coolmax knee liner for improved breathability and inner-moulded EVA for plenty of airflow.

MACE Swat Jacket upper body Armour – SSP £79.95

The Swat jacket provides great upper body protection with short sleeve versatility, using CAD modelled shoulder cups and rear spine protection. There’s a front chest plate for added safety, and plenty of venting and mesh underarms for better aeration.


They’re available now from your local bike shop.