New British bike brand launched: Comtat London

'Carbon road bikes for the discerning rider'

New British road bike brand Comtat London have launched a website showcasing their debut collection of carbon road frames.


They’re offering four framesets and four complete bikes to start with, with prices starting at £600 for frames and £1,399 for full builds.

The frames are designed in the UK and built in the Far East, and can be specced to individual requirements. They’re available in black or white.

Comtat London is the brainchild of keen cyclist Adam Roberts, who told BikeRadar: “About this time last year I was working for a company owned by the Woolworth group. [When Woolworths went bust] I thought ‘what will I do with myself?’ and came up with the idea of trying to launch a new bike brand.”

Surprised by how little difference in performance there was between his high-end Cervelo race bike and Pedal Force winter training machine, considering the huge difference in price, Roberts decided there was a gap in the market for a stylish performance bike at an affordable price.

Asked what sets his bikes apart, he said: “The detail is superb, they ride really nicely, they look good and are fantastic value for money.”

As with the South London cycling club of the same name, Comtat is named after a French village where Mr Roberts and his clubmates stayed in 2007. To find out more about the brand, visit

Comtat sablet: comtat sablet
Comtat London

The Comtat Sable is available in this ‘Pro Build’ guise for £3,599.99 but the entry-level version is just £1,399.99