New CeramicSpeed bottom bracket sizes

Plus ultra-thick titanium pulleys at Taipei Cycle Show

Not every cyclist cares about saving a few watts by reducing frictional losses. But, for those that do, Danish bearing specialist CeramicSpeed’s continuing partnership with Rotor now yields an expanded range of conversion bottom brackets pre-fitted with premium hybrid ceramic bearing cartridges.


New options for this year include Rotor’s direct PF30-to-24mm and BBright-to-24mm bottom brackets. Both models convert directly between those standards without tacking on additional spacers and adapters, reducing the chances of tolerance stack-ups, creaking, and premature bearing wear.

Even owners of Look 695 and 596 flagship machines – with their humongous, 65mm-diameter Zed 2 crankset bearings, now have upgrade options – with CeramicSpeed offering direct hybrid ceramic replacements.

Also new are gorgeous machined and polished titanium derailleur pulley wheels pre-fitted with CeramicSpeed hybrid ceramic bearings.

CeramicSpeed’s new titanium derailleur pulleys with hybrid ceramic cartridge bearings are beautiful and have super-low friction – but they’re also incredibly expensive at €350 per pair:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Titanium derailleur pulleys with hybrid ceramic cartridge bearings

CeramicSpeed claims that a full set of its bearings (bottom bracket, hubs, derailleur pulleys) can reduce frictional losses by 6-9 watts, and based on some lab testing we’ve done in the past there likely is some truth to that. Even so, that sort of efficiency will cost you dearly. Just the titanium pulleys alone will set you back €300.


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