New Challenge Baby Limus cyclocross tyre ready to hit the mud

Progressive tread design aimed at mixed conditions

Just in time for ‘cross season comes a new Baby Limus tyre from Challenge. Although the name suggests that it’s just a downsized version of the company’s Limus full-mud tyre, the progressive tread design looks to be far more versatile – and faster to boot.


The Baby Limus does indeed borrow the Y-shaped knob concept from the Limus, along with the same 2.2mm-tall, aggressive cornering knobs that make the Limus so predictably grippy in slippery conditions. However, the Baby Limus’ center tread is much more tightly spaced with half-height knobs for a faster roll on harder surfaces.

While the cornering knobs are 2.2mm tall, the center tread is just 1.1mm high with the intermediate knobs falling in between:

Challenge builds the new Baby Limus with a progressive tread design that features shorter knobs down the middle and taller ones on the sides

Meanwhile, the transition tread uses U-shaped knobs that are in between the center and shoulder blocks in terms of knob height, and they’re spaced more evenly on the casing than on the Limus.

According to Challenge’s Morgan Nicol, the Baby Limus should provide similar cornering performance but faster straight-ahead speed than the Limus but a more predictable behavior than the semi-slick Chicane for what should be the most versatile model in the company’s cyclocross lineup for this season.

Challenge’s new baby limus tire looks to be an excellent all-rounder with tall and well-supported cornering knobs like the standard limus but a half-height and tightly packed center tread that should roll much faster, especially on harder surfaces:

The lower center knob heights and more densely packed knob spacing should make the Baby Limus much faster rolling than the standard Limus

Challenge has several Baby Limus models already shipping, including the Team Edition tubular with a 320tpi polycotton casing, the Pro tubular with a so-called ‘SuperPoly’ casing, and an open tubular, all with 33mm widths.

Also new from Challenge is the MTB Two tubular mountain bike tyre, which features a much more stoutly reinforced knob pattern than the original MTB One for what we anticipate will be more predictable cornering manners but with similarly low rolling resistance and suppleness.

Also new from challenge is the mtb two tubular mountain bike tire, which features what looks to be a much more useful and versatile tread than the mtb one:

Love mountain bike tubulars? Challenge now has the new MTB Two, which looks to offer substantially improved grip over the original MTB One model