New direct-mount brakes from eecycleworks and FSA – Eurobike 2014

Support grows for new mounting standard

Critics of the new direct-mount standard for road rim brake calipers should go ahead and lay down their arms now. Not only is the two-bolt interface not going away, it’s gaining traction. We spotted new brake caliper options from FSA and eecycleworks at this year’s Eurobike show.


FSA revives the Delta

FSA’s new brake doesn’t use the same convoluted linkage design as the old Campagnolo Delta but the triangular appearance will undoubtedly draw some comparisons. Thankfully, the FSA design is far simpler, comprising a straightforward roller-cam arrangement that we anticipate will be reasonably powerful with minimal flex and an easy setup – essentially making for a mechanical version of Magura’s hydraulic rim brake.

FSA isn’t talking about this new direct-mount caliper just yet but its roller-cam internals and fully boxed-in design bodes well for braking performance:

FSA’s new direct-mount brake will undoubtedly draw comparisons to that old Campagnolo Delta, but the internal design is very different

Also built into the front caliper is a handy barrel adjuster up top and a small quick-release lever to ease wheel changes. Rear brakes would presumably be paired with an inline quick-release and adjuster.

FSA isn’t yet releasing any specific details, such as claimed weights, pricing, availability, or even what the new brake will be called.

Introducing the new eebrake Dual Mount

Eecycleworks has updated its outstanding eebrake for the new direct-mount standard to create the eebrake Dual Mount. Although the name suggests that the new brake can be configured to work with either traditional single-bolt or two-bolt frames and forks, company principal Craig Edwards says that it’s a dedicated design that isn’t backwards compatible.

While the new eecycleworks eebrakes dual mount may look a bit industrial, its form-follows-function design should provide outstanding brake performance if our previous experience is anything to go by:

If our earlier experience with eebrakes is anything to go by, the new direct-mount version should be fantastically powerful

That said, the new eebrake Dual Mount capitalizes on the advantages that the two-bolt interface promises – that is, a stiffer and sturdier foundation for reduced pivot flex and better brake performance. Unlike direct-mount brakes from Shimano, Bontrager, and others, though, the eebrake Dual Mount ties the ends of the posts together to create a fully boxed-in structure that should minimize post flex even further.

As for the ‘Dual Mount’ moniker, Edwards says that’s a reference to the multiple configurations that are offered. For example, the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX and Trek Emonda use direct-mount front calipers at both ends while the Trek Madone and many others require a specific rear that’s offset from the base to clear more narrowly spaced chain stays.

Other configurations for the new eecycleworks eebrake dual mount include this chain stays-mounted rear version, with pads that are more offset from the base to clear the frame. by tying together the ends of the posts with the aluminum arm, eecycleworks claims greatly reduced flex as compared to competitors’ calipers with their cantilevered designs:

eecycleworks offers the new eebrake Dual Mount in several different configurations depending on your frame requirements


Either way, the new eebrake Dual Mount is spectacularly light with a single caliper reportedly coming in at just 75g without pads.