New ‘Dirty’ saddles for downhill, freeride and 4X riders

San Marco perches for the gravity crowd

San Marco have launched a new ‘Dirty’ range of saddles aimed at downhillers, freeriders, all-mountain riders and four-cross racers.


The line combines durable materials, tough but light rails and comfortable biofoam padding. It’s headed by the Zoncolan, which you’ll see in action across the globe this year on the bike of flamboyant French gravity rider Cedric Gracia.

The £69.99 Zoncolan has been designed with enduro/all-mountain riders in mind, with variable thickness padding – the nose of the saddle is particularly well cushioned – and a combination of relatively light weight (190g, claimed) and high strength, courtesy of chromoly alloy rails and a carbon-reinforced plastic shell.

The Dirty range will be distributed in Britain by Raleigh UK. For more details, visit

Dirty zoncolan: dirty zoncolan
Raleigh UK

The Zoncolan Special Superenduro should be ideal for downhill, freeride and four-cross racing

Dirty phobos xcy: dirty phobos xcy
Raleigh UK

The £59.99 Phobos XCy is longer and wider (290x128mm vs 284x125mm), and weighs 223g

Dirty ponza: dirty ponza
Raleigh UK
The Ponza (276x130mm, 265g, £39.99) has been designed for maximum comfort 

The new dirty triky from san marco is aimed at slopestyle and bmx riders: the new dirty triky from san marco is aimed at slopestyle and bmx riders
Raleigh UK

The stubby Triky (235x134mm, 325g, £37.99) is ideal for dirt jump and BMX bikes