New Ellsworth, Mythic and DeVinci mountain bikes

A sneak peak at some up-coming test fodder

Freeborn, importers of Ellsworth, Mythic and DeVinci Bikes, called to see us today with a van full of bikes that weren’t quite ready in time for the big trade shows.


The 5-6.5in travel Mythic Wildcard (Frame £899) and the 6in travel DeVinci Hectic (£1924 Complete) will be appearing in MBUK or What Mountain Bike tests soon, but the other bikes are now available, and they’re looking like remarkably good value for money.

The new Ellsworth Moment, with asymetric chainstays offering more mud room, is said to be half a pound lighter than the last version.

Here are some pics and more details.

Mythic Rampant £899 Frame 4in Dual

Mythic Wildcard £899 5-6.5in Frame

DeVinci Wilson 2. 9in travel £1899 Complete

DeVinci Hectik 2. 6in travel £1924 Complete

DeVinci Frantic 2. 7in travel £1849 Complete


New Ellsworth Moment Frame – Claimed to be half a pound lighter than the 07 model