New Ergon suspension seatpost and road saddles – Interbike 2012

CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost and SR3 perches on show

Bike ergonomics specialist Ergon has developed a novel suspension seatpost, and was also showing off a new road-specific line of saddles at this year’s Interbike.


CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost

Ergon started development of a suspension seatpost more than four years ago, and the current iteration was created in conjunction with bicycle manufacturer Canyon. 

The CF3 is an interesting take on the suspension seatpost. When a seated rider encounters an impact, the carbon leaf spring design allows the post to absorb it by flexing rearwards and slightly down, to mitigate the force traveling upward towards the rider. The seatpost’s head pivots to negate any change to the saddle angle as the post travels through the rearward arc.

Claimed weight for a 27.2mm diameter seatpost in a 330mm length is 200g. Other dimensions are said to be in development.

The CF3 Pro Carbon could be another tool for racers looking to take the edge off the brutal cobblestones of the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. It could also provide welcome relief to weekend warrior types looking to add a bit of compliance to overly stiff carbon frames. 

The seatpost’s head can be flipped for increased fore/aft adjustment: the seatpost’s head can be flipped for increased fore/aft adjustment
Josh Patterson/Future Publishing

The post’s head can be flipped for fore/aft adjustment

The CF3 Pro Carbon is intended for road use, though the company noted that a mountain bike version wasn’t out of the question. Price and availability are to be confirmed.

SR3 road saddles

Ergon introduced a line of mountain bike saddles for spring 2012, and is following up with a road-specific model, the SR3. This will be offered in three widths, to accommodate riders with narrow, medium and wide sit bones.

Compared to Ergon’s MTB saddles, the SR3 has a narrower nose, with less padding as well as more pronounced flare at the rear. As with the MTB saddles, there’ll be multi-density foam padding and flexible side panels to increase freedom of movement.

Ergon’s road line of saddles will be available this spring and is expected to start at us$140, running up to the us$240 carbon-railed version shown here:
Josh Patterson/Future Publishing

The US$240 carbon-railed SR3 saddle


The SR3s will range in price from US$140 to US$240 and will be available in spring 2013.