New folding-bike bags from Dahon

Plus European service centre

Want to take your folding bike on the train without the risk of snagging your suit or getting oil on your trousers? Or are you simply fed up of being refused access to places when carrying it?


Folding specialists Dahon may have the answer, with their new range of three bike bags – the CarryOn cover, Stow Bag and Body Bag.

“The whole idea behind a folding bike is that it’s easy to store and carry with you,” said Matthew Davis, the company’s global marketing and sales director. “But if you want to store or carry a folding bike conveniently, you need some good bag options.

“We spent last year really focusing on how people use their bikes in real life and designing bags for the different ways that people use them. These bag projects were fun because so many of the people at Dahon ride. A lot of the features came directly from staff who wanted to carry or store their bikes in specific ways.”

CarryOn Cover

The CarryOn Cover (main image above) is aimed at commuters who want to take their folding bikes on trains, buses and subways. A patented strap system supports the weight of the bike, so the outer cover can be made of light and highly compressible material. This means the bag rolls up to the size of a sandwich and can be stuffed into its own saddle wedge.

Dahon carryon cover: dahon carryon cover

Dahon carryon cover

Stow Bag

This is a more rugged, durable padded carry bag made of 1800 denier polyester, with heavy-duty zippers, metal clips and buckles, and seatbelt webbing. It’s available in two sizes to fit most Dahon bikes, and folds to the size of a small briefcase.

Dahon stow bag: dahon stow bag

Dahon stow bag

Body Bag

The Body Bag is a storage bag that’s designed to be left in long, flat spaces like inside a cupboard, underneath a bed or hung behind a door. The bike doesn’t need to be folded to fit in; owners just need to lower the seatpost, fold the stem and roll the bike in.

Dahon body bag: dahon body bag

Dahon body bag

European service centre

In other Dahon news, the California-based company are opening their first European service centre. The 1,200sq m facility just outside Stuttgart in Germany will stock parts and accessories, and will have telephone operators who speak six languages.


“When you depend on your bike to get to work, you can’t wait weeks for a replacement part,” said Joshua Hon, Dahon’s vice president. “Our sales volume in Europe has hit a point where a dedicated service centre is the most efficient way to provide this high level of service.”