New Gamut chainring gear – Sea Otter 2013

Gamut launches S-Line chainguides, spiders and chainrings

Gamut USA debuted a new lightweight S-Line range of chainguides at this year’s Sea Otter Classic with impressively light weights and solid lower sliders than not only supposedly run quieter than traditional pulleys but hold up better, too.


As the name suggests, the new Dual S is designed for two-ring cranks with an extra-wide lower slider block that allows the chain to move laterally as needed. The included bashguard is sized for four-bolt 104mm spiders only but the aluminum boomerangs will be available for ISCG05, ISCG03 and threaded bottom bracket mounts plus two sizes: one for 22-24/32-34T chainrings and a bigger one for 22-24/34-36T drivetrains.

Gamut will offer the new Dual S in black, white, red, blue, yellow and green starting in about eight weeks. Claimed weight is 130-153g depending on size and retail price is $120.

Enduro riders who want secure chain retention but don’t need the protection of a bashguard can instead look to the upcoming Trail S. Still in prototype phase, the new Trail S features an upper guide box and lower slider mounted to a machined aluminum boomerang. Claimed weight is just 140g and Gamut will have boomerangs for ISCG05, ISCG03 and threaded bottom bracket systems in three chainring-specific sizes for a clean look.

The new gamut dual s chainguide uses a double-width lower slider to work with 2x drivetrains: the new gamut dual s chainguide uses a double-width lower slider to work with 2x drivetrains
James Huang/BikeRadar
The new Gamut Dual S

Exact retail price on the Trail S is still to be determined but Gamut cofounder Mateo Graziosi estimates it will be around $120.

Gamut also showed off a new machined aluminum spider to replace stock units on SRAM X0 and X9 GXP or BB30 cranks. Gamut’s version uses a conventional four-bolt, 104mm BCD pattern and traditional chainring bolts so users can easily install bashguards. The same spider can be used for 1x or 2x drivetrains.

Claimed weight is 65g and retail price is $70.


Finally, Gamut has also updated its chainrings with a more classic pattern, a thicker 4mm plate, and a new anodized finish for improved wear. Impressively, they’re available in single-tooth steps from 32-40T. Retail price is $45.