New GoPro app for iOS and Android – Interbike 2012

Use your smart device as a GoPro remote

GoPro launched the impressive Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote (£69.99 / US$59 for the BacPac only, or £109.99 / US$99 for both) accessories for its popular HD Hero 2 camera earlier this year. 


When it’s all combined together, users can operate up to 50 cameras remotely, at a maximum range of 180m (600ft), creating a new world of possibilities in terms of video composition and editing.

However, it’s the upcoming iOS and Android apps that really caught our eye at this year’s Interbike show. Set to launch in just a few weeks, the apps effectively turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful camera remote, providing a live on-screen look at the field of view and complete recording controls. 

The upcoming gopro smartphone and tablet app will provide users with a remote viewfinder, full controls and easy manipulation of various camera settings:

The app also offers a vastly more user-friendly interface for tweaking settings such as metering, focus and sound levels than the HD Hero 2’s tiny LCD.

Additionally, users will be able to wirelessly transfer stored video files from the camera’s memory card to the phone or tablet and instantly upload them to the web for near real-time posts. GoPro says the maximum resolution in this case is only WXGA (800×480 pixels) though.


Slated release for the new app is autumn 2012 – in other words, any day now.