New Halcyon saddle promises perfect comfort for your perineum

Unique design features a mid-section drop

US company 3 West Design has just launched its new Halcyon saddle, and at first glance it’s nothing if not eye-catching.


Its patented three-quarter mid-saddle drop is designed to alleviate pressure on soft tissues and distribute weight more strategically.

The tail section of the saddle is angled forward, intended to rotate the hips for optimal power output, while simultaneously straightening the spine.

This is combined with Comfort Surface, which is a soft padded insert running the entire length of the nose, and a V-shaped notch designed specifically for the perineum to maintain its normal shape.

With hollow titanium rails, the Halcyon is claimed to weigh a mere 252g in a standard 143mm width, offering a supreme amount of tech for a performance-oriented weight.

The Halcyon builds upon the success of the Reprieve, the company’s leather offering, which also provides a bit more cushion.

According to owner Jon Marceleno, “concentrating the cyclist’s weight on the sit area and putting no pressure against the soft tissue is the hallmark of our saddles.” He explains that the aim of the Halcyon is to provide similar weight-distribution advances to the cyclist who prefers a flatter saddle.

  • $155