New hubs for the DT Swiss 1700 Spline wheel line for 2018

Designed for XC, all-mountain and enduro with a range of rim widths

DT Swiss has updated its popular 1700 Spline wheel for 2018, with six models designed to suit the needs of cross-country riders, all-mountain riders and enduro racers.


DT Swiss says its aim is to “offer Benchmark MTB Wheel technology at the best price point”, though sadly pricing wasn’t available at time of publication.

The new 1700 Spline series from DT Swiss features new hubs
DT Swiss

The main update is the inclusion on all models of the new Spline hub with ‘Ratchet System’ freewheel, which has already been used and tested by rider Nico Lau in the Enduro World Series.

One of the main selling points is that it offers tool-free servicing and axle conversions, something that privateer enduro riders or indeed anyone that doesn’t have access to a mechanic’s workshop will fund useful.

X 1700 Spline wheelset

X 1700 cross-country wheels with 25mm rims
DT Swiss

The X 1700 is the cross-country wheel in the lineup. DT Swiss says it’s ‘trimmed’ every component, which we take to mean it’s dropped weight where possible.

The wheel features an XC-specific 22.5mm rim with a rim profile designed for tubeless use, plus a hub designed for aggressive riding with a claimed 130g hubshell.

Spokes are DT Competition straight-pull butted. There are spherical interface nipples with Torx and square truing interface, and a Pro Lock threadlock system. Both 27.5 and 29er versions are available.

DT Swiss claims a weight of 1,632g for the 27.5 wheelset and 1,707g for the 29er wheelset.

M 1700 Spline wheelset

The all-mountain M 1700 wheels come in three rim width options
DT Swiss

Aimed at the all-mountain rider, the M 1700 Spline wheelset comes with three different rim widths: 25mm, 30mm and 35mm — and in both 27.5 and 29er options for all three, bar the 35mm plus-wheel which is only available as 27.5.

The usual triumvirate of rim width benefits apply: efficiency is optimised on the light weight 25mm rim version, while the wider 30mm and 35mm offer greater traction and comfort. The full range covers a tyre width of 2″ up to 3.5″ in the 35mm rim.

DT Swiss claims a weight of 1,714g (27.5) and 1,795g (29er) in the 25mm rim, 1,882g (27.5) and 1,915g (29er) on the 30mm rims, and 1,892g (27.5 only) on the 35mm rims. 

E 1700 Spline wheelset

The E 1700 wheels, as tested on the Enduro World Series circuit
DT Swiss

This E 1700 Spline wheelset has had some extensive testing in its development background, having been raced by Nico Lau over the course of the 2017 Enduro World Series. It has the same profile as those ridden by Richie Rude to multiple EWS wins, too. 

“I choose the 25 mm wheel front and rear when the trails are not extremely demanding and rough,” Lau comments. “It saves me some weight with my preferred 2.35 tire width and at the pressures I like to ride it offers all the grip and control I need.

“When we hit really rough stages I will set up the bike with a 30mm front and a 25mm rear wheel. The wider front rim gives me the ability to run a little lower pressure for maximum grip where you need it. Lose your rear wheel and it’s a drift, lose your front wheel and it’s a crash, and that mostly means the win is gone.”

The E 1700 Spline comes with either 25mm or 30mm rims, and again in 27.5 or 29er wheel sizes. 

DT Swiss claims a weight of 1,824g (27.5) and 1,915g (29er) for the 25mm rim option, and 1,911g (27.5) and 2,005g (29er) for the 30mm rim option.


Prices and availability are yet to be confirmed.