New IronX action video camera streams to smartphones

Video sharing and control via iPhone or Android

With GoPro owning the lion’s share of the consumer video action camera market, IronX has thrown its hat into the ring as an alternative system. The IronX HD video camera can stream live video to mobile devices, plus it can be recorded with either a wrist remote or a free smartphone app.


The $249 IronX comes with a waterproof wrist remote and case, plus four mounts. It can be controlled on the unit itself, or with free IronX apps on iPhones or and Android smartphones.

The ironx includes four mounts, including this handlebar mount:
The IronX comes with four mounts plus the wrist-mount remote

The IronX has a 170-degree wide-angle lens and 2GB of built-in Flash memory. It also has a standard Micro SD card slot, with 4, 8 and 16GB cards available.

The included 2.4G RF wrist remote lets users take still and time-lapse photos, plus stop and start the video camera.

The us$249 ironx and its wrist-mount remote:
The remote can take stills as well as stop and start the video recording

The Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable via USB.

Besides controlling the camera, the IronX app lets users edit videos before sharing. (The camera also comes with ArcSoft software for more editing options on a PC.) The app also lets users share live video via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Dropbox.

The ironx is a new entrant in the video action camera scene:
IronX is the latest entrant in the video action camera scene

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