New major south London cycle route planned

Southwark Spine to run from Elephant and Castle to Dulwich

Southwark Council hopes to create a new major cycling route in south London

Southwark Council has announced plans to launch a cycle route called the Southwark Spine. The new path is designed to run through south London, from Elephant and Castle to Dulwich.


The proposed course will also link to the planned north-south Cycle Superhighway and will be around 30 miles long.

The scheme is aimed to tie in with the UK government’s plans to double cycling in the country by 2025. It encourages people to cycle via a direct and easy-to-navigate route that’s ‘segragated in areas of heavy traffic or large vehicles’.

A traffic light system that will prioritise cyclists is also in the works, while streets with moderate traffic will be redesigned to enable more cycling and walking. Links through parks and open spaces will be direct and designed to avoid conflicts with other users.

Councillor Mark Williams, cabinet member for regeneration, planning and transport, said: “The new plans will unlock a cycling network in our borough. This will complement existing plans for cycle superhighways and quietways, forming the basis of a comprehensive cycling grid.

“By working together we can significantly increase the number of people cycling from all backgrounds.”

The concillor also remarked on the growth of cycling traffic in the borough in recent years, and how the authorities plan to increase it.


“We have a vision that cycling will be for the many in Southwark – not just the few – the natural choice for getting from A to B, with attractive routes away from large vehicles or fast-moving traffic. We have seen levels of cycling increase in our borough in recent years. We want to build on this and provide the infrastructure, education and information to get even more people cycling.”