New Modulus bike lock system from Kryptonite

Versatile security device with on-bike fitting

Kryptonite’s Modulus bike lock caught our eye at this week’s iceBike show. It’s being marketed as a flexible security system for riders who lock their bikes to various different sized objects, from the skinniest railings to wide trees.


It’s not meant to compete with the company’s top-end high-security locks, but Kryptonite aim to get it rated as a Bronze Sold Secure product. Two package options are available – a £34.99 set with two cables, and a set with only one cable for £29.99.

The Modulus lock head is secured to the bike using a dedicated bracket, which is attached via bottle cage bolts or a nylon strap. You can then slide it on and off, using a quick-release button.

Once attached to the bike, you can fit the cables to the unit using the key supplied and secure the bike as you wish, or as the conditions allow.

For example, if you’re faced with only a giant concrete column to lock your bike to, you can join the two cables. Or, you could secure the rear wheel with one cable, the front wheel with another and use a tougher U-lock or chain to lock the frame to an immovable object.


Additional brackets are available for £9.99 to be used, for example, on a car rack or in a shed, and an extra two cables can be bought for £9.99.

Cables fitted:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar