New Mundo cargo bike from Yuba Bicycles

Upgraded components, lighter frame for 2010

California-based Yuba Bicycles have launched an updated version of their load-lugging Mundo cargo bike.


The new Mundo 3.0 has a steel frame which is a claimed 9lb lighter than its predecessor. Rated to carry 440lb in total, it has a ‘utility deck’ made from recycled milk jugs and the side loaders have been redesigned to balance bigger loads.

Yuba founder Benjamin Sarrazin says: “We want to change people’s perceptions about what a bike can do. The Mundo allows people to carry things that don’t fit on a regular bike.”

He adds: “When you calculate the expense of automobiles – gas, monthly payments, insurance, registration, repairs – cargo bikes make economic sense.”

The Mundo costs US$1,099 (approx £685 at current exchange rate) and comes with 21-speed grip shifters and disc brake mounts, in a number of colour options. For more information head to the Yuba website.


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