New Rapha collection inspired by the Australian sun

New capsule collection shows Tiffany Cromwell's style

Whether you’re enjoying riding along hot, dry roads or just wishing you were as the rain soaks into your socks, the new capsule collection from Rapha is designed to bring a ray of sunshine to your ride.


The limited edition collection includes lightweight caps and socks, Souplesse Flyweight bib shorts, a Souplesse Flyweight jersey, Souplesse baselayer and medium support bra and is, Rapha says, inspired by the style of Tiffany Cromwell, well known for her fashion consciousness and love of early morning rides. 

The lightweight Souplesse jersey is designed for hot conditions

The colour palette features navy, red, magenta and yellow in a colour-burn style that’s meant to conjure up visions of technicolour sunrises. You’ll also spot a geometric design printed on certain items such as the socks, jersey and caps which is apparently inspired by the Japanese Asanoha print that, according to Rapha, represents growth and good healthy.

Called ‘Ode to the Sun’, Rapha states that Cromwell sees the collection as evocative of dawn rides around her home town of Adelaide.

“Early morning bunch rides are a big part of Australian ride culture,” she says. “I love watching the sunrise over the Adelaide hills as I’m riding down towards the beach to meet the group. We’ll do 100km full gas before 10am but then when you finish you feel so good about yourself — and the coffee always tastes better too.”

Cromwell recently competed in the Women’s Tour Down Under, where she raced for the Australian National Team, UniSA-Australia. She will return to the Canyon//SRAM team for future competitions though.

Rapha is one of the main sponsors of the pro women’s team, providing kit in the popular and distinctive team colours, and has worked with Canyon//SRAM to develop and refine it’s women’s kit offerings.

Rapha Ode to the Sun prices and availability

The ‘Ode to the Sun’ collection consists of lightweight bibs and jersey, two caps, bra, baselayer and — of course — socks
  • Souplesse Flyweight jersey: £125 / $175 / AU$220
  • Souplesse Flyweight bib shorts: £170 / $235 / AU$295
  • Souplesse baselayer: £45 / $65 / AU$80
  • Medium support bra: £50 / $70 / AU$90
  • Lightweight cap: £25 / $35 / AU$45
  • Cotton cap: £20 / $30 / AU$35
  • Lightweight socks: £15 / $20 / AU$27

The garments are available online now from Rapha.