New Rapha Cyclocross clothing – Eurobike 2013

Pro team style trickles down into on- and off-bike clothing

The pink, red, baby blue, white and black design of the Rapha-Focus pro cyclocross team has made its way into a number of new pieces from Rapha for the 2013-14 cyclocross season. New for this fall are a few on-the-bike ’cross items — jerseys, bib shorts and socks — plus a deeper collection of off-the-bike wear, such as jackets, winter hats, scarves, umbrellas, belts and more.


At Eurobike, Rapha showed off 12 ’cross items.

…but pretty bright inside : …but pretty bright inside
Ben Delaney/Future Publishing

The new Cross Transfer Jacket packs some warmth and color into the Primaloft off-the-bike piece

The Transfer Jacket popped up last season in Rapha’s City line, and now it’s available in the ’cross colors as well. Using Primaloft for the main body with thermal Roubaix sides, the Transfer Jacket comes in XS-XXL for $295/£190.

For riding, there is a longsleeve Sportwool jersey in plain colors and the team style for $210/£140. It comes with a kit bag. Items like the Pro Team jersey and bib shorts carry over from last year.


Quite literally weaving the Rapha-Focus colors into casual clothing, Rapha has a new woven belt and a scarf. Other ’cross items includes a winter hat, a drawstring hat, a T-shirt, socks, and a riding cap.

Rapha cross belt: rapha cross belt