New Road Tubeless-compatible carbon wheels from Corima

Durability-focused new tyres coming from Hutchinson

After a long wait since the debut of Road Tubeless tyres in 2006, French wheel and rim maker Corima has added its model to the selection of compatible wheels. 


The new Corima RT1 features a 44mm-deep full carbon rim, carbon-bodied hubs and bladed Sapim stainless steel spokes that are arranged in a 2:1 pattern on the rear. Claimed weight for the pair is an encouraging 1537g.

We weren’t able to see the rim bed ourselves (there was already a tire mounted at the time) but Hutchinson general manager Eric VanHaverbeke says that the outer wall is solid and requires no rim strip. Target release date is sometime around May but we hope to get our hands on a test sample before then if possible.


VanHaverbeke also mentioned that the current Fusion 2 Road Tubeless tyre would eventually be available in a wider 25mm casing and a durability-focused Road Tubeless model, called Intensive, will be added to the lineup by the end of the year.