New Shamal Ultra 2010 wheels from Campagnolo

Plus 'white grease' now for sale

Campagnolo claim to have shaved weight from their Shamal Ultra race wheels and improved performance with the use of new ceramic hub bearings.


Available in clincher, tubular and 2-Way Fit versions, the 2010 wheels come with a new black colour scheme in place of the previous ‘titanium’ finish.

Excess aluminium has been removed from the clincher rims, and both the clinchers and tubs come with new Ultra Smooth Bearings. Claimed weights are 605g/820g for the clinchers and 612g/813g for the tubs. RRP is £899.

The 2-Way Fit wheels – which can be fitted with either tubeless or standard tyres – will also come with the new USB bearings, plus aluminium nipples and variable cross-section aluminium spokes. Claimed weights are 615g/825g. RRP is £939.99.

‘White grease’


Also new from Campag is a commercial version of the ‘white grease’ found in their hubs, bottom brackets and derailleurs. The snappily titled LB 100 Professional Lubricant Grease will be available in 100ml bottles. Price TBC.