New tools and repair items from Interbike 2017

The latest from Feedback Sports, Wolf Tooth, Fix It Sticks and more

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It was a weird and wonderful year at Interbike this year. The annual bike industry tradeshow isn’t the showcase for launching new bikes it once was, but there were plenty of smaller items on display. Among them were many new and interesting tools to make bike maintenance easier. Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s show.

Feedback Sports Chain Keeper

Feedback Sports’ new Chain Keeper
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Feedback Sports has added a chain keeper to its arsenal of on-the-go tools. The new tool is a licensed version of the Butter B1. It’s constructed from machined aluminum and compatible with quick-release and 12mm thru-axles.

The Chain Keeper retails for $40. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Wolf Tooth Ultralight Chainwhip

Wolf Tooth’s ergonomic chainwhip
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

In addition to upgrade cogs and dropper seatpost levers, Wolf Tooth Components also dabbles in the tool market. The Ultralight Chainwhip is machined from aluminum and features finger reliefs for easy gripping.

This made in the USA chainwhip retails for $45. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Orange Seal Versa Valve

Versa Valves are intended to fit in any tubeless-compatible rim
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

This kit is geared toward shop use, but Orange Seal’s Vera Valves can help home mechanics as well.

The Versa Valve is intended to be a universal tubeless valve system that can be configured to fit any rim. Orange Seal offers the valves as the shop kit shown above, as well as in pairs of valves in 32, 48, 60 and 80mm versions. Each pair of valves come with replaceable grommets in flat and conical profiles to fit different types of rims. 

The Versa Valve kits will be available in October and retail for $24 for the 32 and 48mm versions, and $26 for the longer 60 and 80mm kits. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Fit It Sticks Chain Breaker and Mountain Kit

Fix It Sticks’ T-handle tools operate its Chain Breaker
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Fix It Sticks has developed a chain breaker that works with its T-Handled multi-tools. One wrench turns the chain pin while the other holds the tool in place.

Fix It Sticks offers this all in one kit for trail-side repairs
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Fix It Sticks also has a new clamshell case that comes with the T-handle tools, extra bits, tire levers and the chain tool. The Mountain Kit retails for $49 and will be available in November. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Clever Standard Quick-Link Pliers and Chain Barrel

Tire levers and quick-link pliers in one
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

This start-up has a novel take on tool integration. Clever Standard’s tire levers double as a pair of pliers to disengage stubborn quick-links.

Clever’s new Chain Barrel is the most compact chain breaker we’ve seen
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

If you need to shorten your chain, Clever Standard has a new tool for that as well. The Chain Barrel uses a 5mm Allen key to turn the chain pin. The chain itself is held by the Chain Barrel’s body. If you don’t want to get your hands greasy, you can also use a 15mm wrench to stabilize the tool.

Clever Standard offers the Quick-Link Pliers and Chain Barrel as a package deal for $48. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Effetto Mariposa V-CL tubeless sealant upgrade kit

Cafelatex claims that V-CL can seal punctures that latex alone cannot
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Some riders have sought to improve the sealing power of the latex sealant by using additives such as pepper or glitter. Café Latex offers a more refined approach with V-CL. These microbeads are used to seal punctures faster and allow Cafelatex to fill holes up to 8mm in size.

It goes a long way, too. One $30 jar can be used with two liters of sealant. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

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