New tools from Jagwire – Interbike 2012

Cable crimpers and cutters, plus disc brake multi tool

Jagwire brought a trio of handy new tools to this year’s Interbike show, so you can spend less time working on your bike and more time riding it.


The new Pro Cable Crimper and Cutter sports a beefy set of jaws at the end, for trimming stubborn steel cables. Tucked inside the pivot, however, is a small recess with hidden spikes that securely crimp cable end caps evenly on three sides. Suggested retail price should be around US$20 when the device becomes available in February 2013.

Following up on the popularity of Jagwire’s Sport Hydraulic Brake Line Cutter is the new Pro Hydraulic Brake Line Cutter. As the name suggests, Jagwire has built in extra durability for regular shop use, with a bigger, cast aluminum body to replace the Sport version’s plastic housing. 

As before, the new cutter uses a standard X-Acto blade for easy – and inexpensive – replacement as needed. Jagwire says the Pro cutter should already be on store shelves with a suggested retail price around US$17.

Jagwire has also introduced a novel shop-grade multi-tool for general disc brake work. The new Disc Brake Multi Tool features a thick steel body with a rotor truing slot at one end and a piston press at the other. Snap on the additional plastic ends, though, and you also get a bleed block and pad spacer. Suggested retail price is US$45, and the product should be available now.

The jagwire disc brake multi tool incorporates a rotor truing tool, pad press, bleed block and pad spacer in one handy widget:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Jagwire’s Disc Brake Multi Tool

Other new items for 2013 include Universal Sport XL shift and brake cable housing sets specifically designed for folding bikes, with extra long and extra flexible housing plus anti-kink caps.


We also saw new carbon-specific rim brake pads for Shimano and Campagnolo-style holders, and updated pads for the recently introduced disc brake models. Smaller bits include more upscale in-line cable adjusters, cable seal kits and shop-sized rolls of the company’s ‘Slick-Lube’ brake and derailleur housing.