New TRS+ dropper post from e*thirteen

Plus new crankset, Dual guide and wheelset

The Hive/e*thirteen have debuted an all-new ‘work in progress’ dropper seatpost amid their latest TRS+ launch in Les Gets, France. 


The post is still in the early prototype development stage, and features 125mm (4.9in) of height drop via a bar-mounted, cable-operated remote. Both the seat clamp and lever are still far from finished, with attention being paid to the hydraulic/air mechanism before the ergonomics are finished. 

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Ric McLaughlin/Future Publishing

An early cable-operated lever for controlling the post

The lever looks smart though. It’s easy to position virtually anywhere thanks to its reversible base design, and different-length levers are being mooted. Cleverly, the e*thirteen lever may be retrofittable to other brands of cable-operated post, too. No date has been confirmed for launch yet, as the team are focusing on getting things just right before bringing the equipment to market.  

The TRS+ crankset is a work of art in itself, featuring a meaty press-fit bottom bracket, forged then machined Exalite aluminium arms and the trademark P3 Connect polygon spindle interface. The spindle’s special profile allows a far greater contact surface, to ensure improved power transfer.  

Ric McLaughlin/Future Publishing

The TRS+ crankset with new Dual guide and Turbocharger bashguard

TRS+ is designed to operate around a 2×10 setup. e*thirteen believe that the majority of people running 1×10 do so mainly as a result of the lack of adequate retention systems available. They’ve tackled this problem with their new TRS+ Dual guide, complete with step roller, dual-ring direct-mount bashguard and captive hardware. They offer the cranks with a 36/22T pair of rings.

Another tidy feature is the removable spider. It is loosened/tightened using the same tool as fits the e*thirteen BB. The standard one can also be run as a 3×10 thanks to some clever blankers but there will also be a 1×10 number available to cater for the increasing popularity of the format in the US. Presumably, the Hive also have an eye on the launch of SRAM’s new XX1 1×11 group too.

The TRS+ wheelset is designed to conquer any enduro/all-mountain minefield. At the heart of it lie oversized carbon fibre shelled hubs that feature a 60-point engagement for snappier acceleration and an ear-blisteringly great noise. They feature angular contact bearings, convertible axle cups and Exalite+ scandium rims. They come equipped with a tubeless conversion kit and are available in both 29er and 26in options. 650b is rumored to be in the pipeline.

Neatly, the TRS+ wheels are designed for the long haul. They come equipped with easily swappable converter cups, the axles can also be removed with relative ease and the brand’s own spokes can be swapped out for bike-shop friendly numbers. In a tidy bit of detailing, the heads of the spokes even feature a miniature Hive logo and feature 2.2-1.6-2.0mm butting for added strength.

The spokes are steel as the brand believe that it’s the perfect material for promoting the feel they want from the wheels. It also helps keep overall cost down and the Loctite’d alloy nipples do a great job at keeping things taught.

Within the hub itself, the pawls are extremely stumpy. As a result, they’re shorter to travel in order to hook up which helps increase acceleration and reduces spring wear.

The Hive have taken what they learned with the Chub hubs of old to ensure that the TRS+ models focus as much on longevity as on performance. That scandium rim has allowed them to save an incredible amount of weight which in return, has given greater leeway when it comes to making sure that the hubs can take a pounding from anything up to a 2.4in tyre.

There was also a single prototype 650B sized TRS+ wheel sptted in the tech support area with an eye on the 2013 tidal-wave of 27.5in product destined for bike shop floors. 


“Our stuff is going to appeal to one type of rider and we’re comfortable with that,” admits Joel Peters from the brand. e*thirteen pour an incredible amount of detail and time into their products, we reckon that that ‘one type of rider’ may be bigger than they envisage.