New wind tunnel and fitting service offered in UK

Prestige Cycles working with University of Southampton tunnel

Prestige Cycles will use the University of Southampton wind tunnel for aero testing triathletes and time trialists

UK cyclists and triathletes have a new avenue for bike fitting and wind tunnel testing in order to optimise their positions on the bike.


Prestige Cycles (Hove, East Sussex) have partnered with the University of Southampton’s wind tunnel facility to offer an all-in-one bike fit and wind tunnel package for £799.

The service will be a two-stage process, the first being a bike fit at Prestige Cycles. This will last roughly 2.5 hours and involve a member of shop staff, a sports physio, Dartfish video analysis and foot bed assessment. The outcome will be four positions for an aero fit that can be fine tuned in the tunnel.

Tunnel sessions will take place at the University of Southampton (with their technicians on hand) at the end of each month and last approximately 1.5 hours. Each of the rider’s four positions will be tested and the best one in aero terms will be fine tuned.

Tunnel time only will cost £550/hour. For comparison, Drag2Zero’s wind tunnel testing costs £899 for a two hour session. For more information, email

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Video: The University of Southampton wind tunnel