New World Record set for bicycle high jump

Joscha Forstreuter and Timo Pritzel go high in China

German freeriders Timo Pritzel and Joscha Forstreuter have just set a new world record for the highest bicycle ramp jump, reaching 5.2 metres.


Timo set the original record eight years ago on a BMX, but both riders used Felt Sure Shot dirt jump bikes for the most recent record attempt.

Forstreuter said: “We started at 4.5m, which wasn’t a big deal. The next height of 5m looked way more impressive. Even if you know that it’s not very dangerous to hit the pole as it just falls down, you still don’t want to hit it.”

“With hard pedalling down the 8m start ramp and extreme pulling on the launch-ramp, I took the 5.2m without touching the pole. Timo was next and he made it perfectly, too. Both of us had a new world record under the belt and we shared the record,” added Forstreuter.


After breaking the record, the riders stayed in China to check out the riding scene and the Chinese culture.