Newport Nocturne seeking old pros

Help raise money for the Dave Rayner Fund

The organisers of Shropshire’s Newport Nocturne on 4 September are looking for ex-pros to take part in their Past Masters race.


“We’ve been putting on pro races in Newport since 1970, so there are plenty of fans here who remember the stars of yesteryear,” said promoter Nick Jeggo, who pointed to past winners such as Sean Kelly and Sid Barras. “The racing is always exciting and a fitting precursor to the main race later in the evening.”

Any rider who’s held a pro licence in the past is welcome to take part. Entry is free and any prize money won will be donated to the Dave Rayner Fund.

Older and less fit entrants don’t need to worry as there is normally something of a truce for the first few laps.  Later though, old rivalries tend to come to the fore and no quarter is given.


More details can be found at or you can contact Nick Jeggo on 07967 452688 or at