Nicolai 2014 mountain bikes – Eurobike 2013

New 650b downhill and trail bikes from German company

Alternative German brand Nicolai have shown their faith in the 650b platform for 2014, with the medium wheel size available across the entire range now that the Ion 20 downhill bike has been added to the 27.5in list.


The Helius range includes the 140mm travel AC, which also features 650b wheels on all frame sizes. The model we saw has the Pinion gearbox, and costs €3,660 (frame plus gearbox but without shock). The Helius AC is also available in a traditional transmission format.

The Helius TB is a new 120mm travel trail bike available in 29er (medium and large sizes) and 650b (small) formats. It replaces the 2013 model, which has 26in wheels.

The nicolai helius tb is a new 120mm travel trail bike, which is available in 29er (medium and large sizes) and 650b (small), replacing the 2013 model with its 26in wheels:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

Nicolai Helius TB trail bike

Nicolai have also joined the fat bike fraternity. The Argon Fat is their interpretation of the all-terrain bike, and its monster rims seat 3.8in tyres and are bolted on with a 170mm standard rear axle. The Argon Fat comes with a singlespeed belt drive, too.


See our image gallery, right, for more details on Nicolai’s 2014 mountain bike range.