Niner Bikes give insight into production process

Follow creation of the Jet 9 on Facebook

A bin full of chainstays destined for Niner's Jet 9 bikes

For those outside the industry, it’s often a mystery how bikes get made. So when Steve Domahidy, co-founder of 29er specialists Niner, headed out to Taiwan to oversee the first production run of the newly revised Jet 9, he decided to keep fans updated via Facebook.


The pictures and content he’s been posting give a real insight into the production process, as technical drawings are examined, a selection of random-looking pieces of metal are formed into tubes and then welded together, and the bike starts to take shape. You can follow the process at


The Jet 9 is a 29in-wheeled full-suspension cross-country bike. Older framesets were recalled last year due to concerns over possible welding defects. Discussing the new version on Facebook, Domahidy said: “Trust me, these Jets have to be right! We’re not sending anything out that isn’t 100 percent ready, so whatever it takes to make that happen is what’s going to happen.”