Niner co-founder launches Domahidy Designs

Initial Kickstarter debut features two 29er hardtails

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Niner co-founder Steve Domahidy is poised to launch a new company through the crowd-funded site Kickstarter. Domahidy Designs initial offering will consist of two 29er hardtails: a Reynolds 853 steel model that will retail for $899, and a titanium version that will retail for $1,799.

Both models feature the same geometry and thoroughly modern frame features, including tapered headtubes, 142×12 rear thru-axles, sliding dropouts for singlespeed use, and a bolted junction at drive-side seatstay and dropout, making the frames compatible with the Gates Carbon Drive system.

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A bolt connects the dropout to the seatstay, making the frames compatible with gates carbon belts:

Domahidy Designs frames use sliding dropouts, 142×12 axle spacing and are compatible with belt drive

Expected delivery of the Kickstarter-funded frame and complete bikes is late August or early September.

If the Kickstarter launch is successful, Domahidy plans to offer a number of different models. “I’ve got huge ideas in the CX segment as well as the fat bike segment. I’m also very keen to make high-end kids bikes, because there just aren’t enough options there and I want my kids (who are 8 and 10) to be riding cool bikes,” said Domahidy.

Domahidy said that full-suspension mountain bikes are also a possibility.

While at Niner, Domahidy developed the CVA suspension system, though he plans to go with another suspension platform for mountain bikes designed under the company that bears his name. “CVA is my patent, but Niner owns the IP. I have some pretty huge ideas, though, about suspension but it’s radical and will cost some money to develop,” he said. “I have a lot of stuff brewing and a lot of great relationships with other innovators in the industry, so we’ll have to see where the pieces land.”

Domahidy left Niner in 2011. Shortly thereafter, he partnered with Factor Bikes to develop the Vis Vres road bike.

Domahidy plans to offer cyclocross, fat bikes, high-end kids bikes and full suspension models: domahidy plans to offer cyclocross, fat bikes, high-end kids bikes and full suspension models
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Domahidy said he was not restrained by a non-compete clause with Niner, but rather, he wanted to approach this project methodically. “I was in no hurry to launch and in no rush to meet a deadline,” he said. “I launched when I was ready.”