Is this the world’s first full suspension gravel bike?

Niner talks us through its wild new gravel bike and some of the other models in its 2020 range

We recently caught up with Niner at Eurobike 2019, where it walked us through a few of the models in its 2020 gravel bike range – which includes what is possibly the world’s first full suspension gravel bike.


Nicknamed the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, the MCR 9 RDO is, as you might expect, a pretty wild looking bike all things considered. It looks a lot like a mountain bike, in fact. But Niner told us it has gravel-specific geometry, so it’s not simply a MTB with drop bars.

We were lucky enough to get eyes on one earlier this year, but it’s now available to buy.

Niner also talked us through its 2020 RLT 9 series gravel bikes. There are three models – one carbon, one steel and one aluminium – so there’s something for all tastes it would seem.


Check out the video above for all the juicy details.