Niner recalls Jet 9 framesets

Affected models with serial numbers from P8071682 to P8400454

The redesigned 2010 Niner Jet 9 frame.

California-based Niner Bikes is voluntarily recalling its 2009 Jet 9 model based on warranty testing results, affecting existing models with serial numbers from P8071682 to P8400454. The redesigned 2010 model is pictured to the right.


According to the company, Niner has been analysing the Jet 9 warranty cases, using destructive testing, metallurgical study and FEA computer modeling. Niner  examined the quality of the base metal, filler material, heat affected zone of the weld, structural design and finish quality of the frames. The company also built over 20 new prototypes and tested them in every way imaginable.

“In light of test results and after many hours of discussion on how best to serve our loyal customers, we decided to voluntarily recall Jet 9 frames with serial numbers from P8071682 to P8400454,” Niner said in a statement posted on its website. “These frames risk welding defects in the front and rear triangles that may lead to a premature failure of the frame. Unfortunately, there is no way to visually check for these weld defects. We must require that you stop riding the frame immediately because a failure could occur at any time.”

Niner determined the best solution was to completely redesign the Jet 9 for 2010, and offer every current owner of a Jet 9 under the voluntary recall the option of receiving a replacement frame (front and rear triangle).

“We are already in the prototyping process for the new Jet 9, but delivering the redesigned model will take some time to accomplish,” the recall statement read. “We hope to start shipping new frames to customers in late Winter or early Spring 2010. This could be at long as six months from now. We understand this is simply not a viable option for many of you.”


In effort to accommodate varying customer needs, Niner offers several options detailed here.