No more cyclists’ tan lines with new Solair jersey, claims Ekoi

Jersey promises to filter out harmful UV-B while letting bronzing UV-A through

Ekoi claims it has solved the age-old problem of cyclists’ tan lines with its first “trans-bronzing bike jersey”.

SunSelect claims its fabrics can filter out harmful UV-A rays

The jersey is made from a “patented fabric technology from SunSelect Textiles” that is said to allow “tanning UV-A rays through to the skin and filters out most of the dangerous UV-B rays”.

The otherwise normal looking Ekoi Solair jersey has a trick up its (short) sleeves

While some cyclists wear their tan lines with pride, this jersey may be of interest to those that prefer to ensure their golden glow is more even.

To be clear, the jersey does not claim to block out all harmful UV light and Ekoi goes on to state that “people prone to sunburns and/or with very fair skin need to apply an additional sunscreen before putting on the shirt in order to be completely protected”.

Ekoi does not make any claims as to how the jersey handles UV-C rays.

While we’d all like to have a healthy glow, always be careful when venturing into the sun for prolonged periods and be sure to read our guide on how to stay safe while cycling in warmer climes.


The jersey is available in red, green or blue and is available to order directly from Ekoi for £89.33 (€99.99).