‘No plans to sell’ BH Bikes

Accell Group interested in takeover

Spain’s BH Bikes say they have no intention of becoming part of the Accell Group, which owns the likes of Ghost, Lapierre, Koga and Redline.


This statement comes after Accell CEO René Takens was quoted by news agency Reuters as saying that the 100-year-old company was a potential candidate for a takeover.

In a press release issued last night, BH’s management said: “BH Group has no plans to sell BH Bikes or any other business to Accell Group or other corporations. As it has been doing for a long time, BH Bikes is independently focused on the development of its strategic and growth plan at the international level. Our brand and models are a benchmark in the field of state-of-the-art technology applied to the cycling experience.”

According to Bike Europe, Accell are looking for companies to take over in Italy and Spain, and have up to €100 million to spend on these acquisitions. The firm sold a 22 percent stake in Derby Cycle (owners of Focus, Univega and Kalkhoff) in October.


BH are hoping for big success this year with their new Lynx trail bike, developed with American suspension guru Dave Weagle. You can watch a video from the launch event last year below:

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