Notio Konect provides all your aero data without a wind tunnel

Track your CdA and a zillion other metrics in real time

At last year’s Eurobike trade show, we saw an odd sensor integrated into the front of a concept bike from Argon 18 that, among many other metrics, was claimed to be able to calculate your CdA (coefficient of aerodynamic drag).


This unit has been developed further by Notio — a subsidiary of Argon18 — and is now available as a standalone device.

The Konect sits beneath an out front mount
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

Mounted to the underside of an out-front computer mount, the Notio Konect features a pitot tube — which is the same thing as those little sticks you see pointing out of the nose cone of an aircraft — which, among other things, measures wind speed.

Comparing this wind speed data to your speed, the unit can then estimate your CdA in real time. Altering your position or equipment will, of course, affect this number, with analysis of the resulting data allowing you to optimise your setup. We have seen similar systems before, most notably PowerPod.

As well as the pitot tube, the unit has sensors to measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air pressure and even a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

When matched with external Bluetooth-equipped power, cadence, heart rate and speed sensors, the unit can then calculate altitude, exact gradient, air density, wind speed and acceleration, all in real time.

Most of these metrics won’t matter to the average cyclist, but for performance-focussed riders looking to perfect their position and equipment, it presents a genuinely interesting, and far cheaper, alternative to wind tunnel time.

The unit is claimed to weigh just 75g and to have next to no impact on aero qualities.

Does it work?

We had a good fiddle with the unit
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

We had a good fiddle with a demo pod on the Argon 18 stand, which was hooked up to the sensor’s mobile app.

Wiggling it about and blowing into the tube, the sensor and app reacted remarkably quickly, giving nerd-tastic data to a satisfyingly unnecessary 4 decimal places.

Of course, fiddling on a stand doesn’t mean very much in the real world and this is one we’re really looking forward to trying out in the field.

Where can I buy the Notio Konect?

Currently, 500 units are available for preorder, with pricing starting at $950, a 25% discount on the expected full RRP.


As part of the launch of the Konect, Notio will be undertaking a tour around a number of North American cities, so that individuals, clubs and trainers can have a chance to try out the unit with Notio staff on hand. Participants in these events will have first dibs on these devices, with a full release expected once the tour is finished.