NudeAudio announce Super-M speaker bike mount

Kickstarter campaign builds momentum in cycling community with collaborative bike mount design

NudeAudio are taking cyclists' ideas for their Super-M speaker's bike mount

Following a massively successful start to its Super-M Bluetooth speaker Kickstarter campaign, NudeAudio has announced a bike mount that allow cyclists to listen to tunes on the move. The project smashed its minimum target of US$75,000 within 19 hours and has now raised more than $500,000.


Unlike the boomBOTTLE, the Super-M is a slim, smartphone-sized unit and now with 10 days to go until the end of the campaign, NudeAudio is asking pledgers to collaborate on the mount’s design by sharing what they want from the product and then feeding back on design concepts as bike designer Adam Reineck finalises the project.

NudeAudio chief design officer, Peter Riering-Czekalla, said: “I am a big fan of involving real people in the design process. Kickstarter has such an engaged community that I wanted to experiment with completely opening up and involving the entire community in the design process.

“We started thinking about the design a week ago and what you see on the picture is only the first prototype. We know we want it to be flexible to mount to different places of the bike, the speaker to easily pop in and out and the aesthetic to match the shiny chrome parts of peoples’ beautiful bikes.”


So, what do you think? What would make your ideal bike mount? And is a speaker safer than earphones while riding?